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Kamps Classics restores cars with history

We wake oldtimer from the sleep, even if is not left a lot from them

The company Kamps Classics GmbH has emerged from the company Raimund Kamps. The company Raimund Kamps was founded in early 1980 by the motor vehicle master Raimund Kamps.

Long before the founding of this company, Raimund Kamps owned and restored classic vehicles such as MG, Jaguar and various Daimler-Benz from 190SL to 300er.

The first restoration contract of Raimund Kamps was an Alvis TA14, built in 1946.

Over the following years many classics were restored. Raimund Kamps and his staff specialized in Daimler-Benz vehicles and British production vehicles such as Austin-Healey, Jaguar, MG and Lotus.

During this time many, still existing contacts, were connected to domestic and foreign spare parts specialists and other specialized companies.

But other vehicles have been restored and maintained, such as: Flaminia, Alfa Romeo, Ford or Cadillac.

Raimund Kamps has more than 30 years of own motor racing experience on Austin-Healey Sprite, Lotus 18, Elva and "Diva".

In our newly built company building we have even better possibilities to carry out this work qualified and to your satisfaction:

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What's new is that we also have a "small but fine" showroom.

We now offer you the opportunity to exhibit "your" sweetheart and try to get it for a "fair" price.

If you are looking for a vehicle, maybe we have this model in our exhibition or know where to find such a model.

oldtimer kamps classic kevelaer
kamps classic kevelaer

For 30 years, Kamps Classics has been making new old cars out of noble old wrecks.

One last hand application with the wrench, connect the battery and then keep the ignition. Single piston strokes can be heard, a rich rattle and the engine of the Austin Healey runs around again. Six cylinders drive the old sports car after a long standstill with over 120 horsepower. "Now he is running again," says the Kevelaerer car mechanic Raimund Kamps to his journeyman. Kamps was lucky enough to be able to turn his hobby into a job; In his workshop in Kevelaerer Gewerbegebiet, he repairs unusual lover's cars.

Whether Jaguar, Lotus, MG or old BMW and Mercedes; In small or large homes, a huge clientele with the most exotic classic cars in the Kevelaerer workshop. Car enthusiasts from all over Germany drive to Raimund Kamps to have their jewelery repaired by a specialist. In addition to regular maintenance, the Kevelaerer operation also carries out extensive restoration work.

For example, according to Kamps, they once turned a Citroen B 14, built in 1911, completely upside down. The vehicle had not been running for four years and was in a bad condition. In addition, the mechanics had to make some modifications, because the almost 10 years old car hardly complied with the guidelines of the TÜV.

In such repairs, of course, the improvisational skills of the mechanics is of great use. There is still a considerable range of spare parts for long-expired car types. Over the years, Raimund Kamps has been able to build good connections that reach as far as the countries of origin of the corresponding vintage cars. But everything, he explained, is of course no longer available. "In such a case, we either have to try to rebuild an existing part or even completely rebuild it by hand."

Obviously that requires a lot of commitment from each of the six employees of the workshop. "But that," Kamps is convinced, "comes all by itself, if you are constantly dealing with such fascinating vehicles.To tinker once for a while on a vintage car that has not been driven for many years, and then comes The moment when the car is again technically and optically in order, that is a kind of rebirth for us, a great sense of achievement. " Unlike in the large authorized repair shops, the work of the fitters is not limited to the mere replacement of defective vehicle parts. Here is made from old again.

And it does not seem surprising if the enthusiasm for the great sled takes up a lot of space in the spare time of the six car mechanics. Three of them are already proud owners of such four-wheeled veterans. Twelve years ago Raimund Kamps himself discovered his great love for the old cars, especially English sports cars. Today he owns three very special collector's items, with which he participates partly in international veteran races. "It's a great feeling to be in a Jaguar, Austen Healey or Lotus older model," Kamps enthuses. "It's not just the rarity of the beautiful cars that makes the special appeal."

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